What You Can Do

There are many things you can do around your own home and in your community --even if you're not on Kaua'i--to help conserve Kauai's forest birds, since climate change is one of the biggest threats to them:

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Practice energy conservation: for example, turn out the lights, turn down the heat, unplug appliances you're not using, and use your car less
  • Offset your carbon footprint: plant a tree or donate to a carbon offset program


Those of you on Kaua'i, please also consider:

  • Keeping your cats indoors, especially at night: visit Cat's Indoors for more information
  • Emptying and turning over receptacles that collect water that might provide breeding habitat for mosquitoes (which spread avian diseases)
  • Helping to protect our island from unwanted plant and animal pests, like snakes or miconia: keep your eyes open for any of the organisms on KISC's watch list, and if you find them, call 643-PEST