Educational Tools

Here are some resources for teachers to use in their classrooms.  Check back often, as we develop and add new materials.  We are also available to give public presentations - feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Our coloring book is aimed at elementary and pre-school aged children.  It displays the native forest birds of Kaua‘i and their unique characteristics and personalities.  Have fun!


  • You can also print our list of "What you can do" and discuss with children the links between seemingly disconnected activities and forest bird conservation (e.g. turn out the lights --> reduce global warming --> prevent the spread of avian malaria --> stop birds from dying of this disease). In  the near future, we will be developing a matching game around this list.



  • Read through the Conservation Council for Hawai‘i's excellent brochure highlighting the threats to Hawai‘i's biological and cultural resources by introduced predators, such as rats and mongoose.


  • Check out our matching game for a fun way to learn about food sources and habitat niches of Kauai's Forest Birds!  If you would like to print this game out as a poster, contact us and we can send you a larger file via email.


  • Thanks to our partners at the Rotary Club of Poipu, the Hawaii Tourism and Lodging Association, Diegmann Science Services and Hamline University we now have a free iBook available for download. Check out our interactive book titled "Who am I?", available now in the Apple iBooks app. You can read all about Kaua'i's native forest birds, view pictures, listen to calls and play games