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KFBRP has been making the news!  Check out these articles, interviews and videos highlighting our projects and the endangered birds of Kaua’i!


Numerous articles have been published about our work and the birds of Kaua‘i.  Check out the links below to read the full articles!


  • The Huffington Post covered the novel idea of using "GMO" Mosquitoes to save endangered birds, featuring an interview with Dr. Crampton.
  • An Akikiki nest was destroyed by rats this year, check out the article from the Garden Island for more information.
  • The closing of the Puaiohi captive breeding program, and their release into the wild was covered by The Garden Island , KITV, and a video was released by San Diego Zoo Global on their website.
  • An article published by NC State University discusses how our "Birds, Not Rats!" campaign was so successful.
  • Audubon shared a very unique story about a teacher from India who worked to get an asteroid named after our very own Akikiki.
  • The Garden Island newspaper covered the wrapping up of our "Birds, Not Rats!" campaign.


  • Our work, as well as Kaua'i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project's work, are features of a story in Sunset Magazine titled "Birds of Paradise".
  • An article by The Huffington Post discusses the grim future for Hawaii's birds, if strong action is not taken. It is predicted that by 2100, all 3 of our endangered birds will lose 100% of their habitat.
  • We made the front page of the Garden Island newspaper when the 'Akikiki and 'Akeke'e eggs we collected hatched! We were also featured on KHON 2 news, the San Diego Zoo blog, and Voice of America news.
  • Project Manager, Lisa "Cali" Crampton, is interviewed about our current work for ABC'S magazine "Bird Conservation"
  • The Garden Island newspaper featured a front page article titled Hope for the Birds
  • An article in Midweek highlighting our Birds, not Rats! crowdfunding campaign, and how it will benefit Kauai's forest birds.
  • Americorps intern Kayla Bonnette's short blog featured on birding website Nemesis Bird about our Birds, not Rats! campaign.
  • Another article in the Garden Isle newspaper, this time about our youngest bird warrier who's Christmas wish was a Goodnature trap to protect Kauai's forest birds!



  • Field Crew Leader Barbara Heindl was featured in Wisconsin's Magazine for the Life Sciences.
  • A recent article in Birdwatch Canada chronicles a 10-day tour taken last spring by Bird Studies Canada members to observe the spectacular birds of Hawaii and learn about the causes of their decline. A proportion of the proceeds from the trip were donated to KFBRP to support our conservation and research work. Mahalo!


  • Midweek Kaua‘i interviewed KFBRP's crew leader Barbara Heindl about our expanded Puaiohi nest box project. 
  • The latest Puaiohi release was celebrated at Koke'e State Park with the help of Ka'Imi Na'Auao 'O Hawai'i Nei.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the blessing a success!
  • The San Diego Zoo's Notes From the Field for March 2012 is all about the 14th Puaiohi release.  Be sure to read the mele lyrics, written specifically for the release!
  • Alex Wang, from KFBRP, and Oscar Johnson, from KESRP, wrote an article about Kaua'i's birds for Winging It, the official newsletter of the American Birding Association.



  • Coverage by local newspaper, the Garden Island, of the lawsuit that spurred listing of 48 endangered species, including the ‘Akikiki and 'Akeke'e.


  • The Garden Island published an article about our 10th release of captive-bred Puaiohi into the Alaka‘i, while SignOn San Diego released a similar article.


  • A release of captive-bred Puaiohi made the Honolulu Star Bulletin.  This same release was covered in KPUA Hawaii News.
  • ‘Akikiki and ‘Akeke‘e declines made the news on Sustainability in Hawai‘i (SusHI). 
  • The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) wrote an article describing concern over ‘Akikiki and ‘Akeke‘e.


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Videos and Films

  • The American Bird Conservancy produced a film in 2012 about the plight of Hawaii's birds, Endangered Hawai‘i, which features many of our colleagues and the species we are striving to conserve. It is an awesome and informative film!


  • The Rain Follows the Forest PSA
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