We are excited to announce the release of “The Forest Birds of Kauaʻi: Mosquito Transmitted Diseases”, in association with Coriolis Films and the American Bird Conservancy. The film was directed by Ian A. Nelson and produced by Chris Farmer, Aditi Desai, and Johanna van de Woestijne with associate producer, Mike McFarlin.

This five-minute video offers a clear and concise introduction to Kauaʻi’s rare and beautiful forest birds and a glimpse of their current predicament, recognizing that we cannot begin to help these species until we understand the basis of their existence and the extent of their demise. 

The video explains how mosquitos threaten Kauaʻi’s forest bird population and how scientists are looking at some potential solutions to the mosquito issue. 

Mosquitos are a vector for the transmission of avian diseases. These diseases are one of the primary causes of the birds’ demise. Higher elevations have been a refuge for the birds because the temperatures are too low for mosquito reproduction. As climate change warms the planet, the mosquitos are able to reproduce at higher elevations increasing mosquito habitat, and restricting habitat for birds to only the highest elevations. If the current climate change trends persist, the elevation of Kauaʻi may not be high enough to support these endangered birds.

Please watch the film to learn about potential solutions that may implemented to address the mosquito issue.

We hope this film will give you a better understanding of some of the issues that Kauaʻi’s forest birds face, and what implications these issues may have on the entire forest ecosystem. If you enjoy this film, please share it with your networks in education and science.