The first results from this years rat trapping are in!

The traps have been up and running during Spring and Summer and we collected data on their success.

We set up traps in two areas of Kaua'i's rain forest, Mohihi and Halepa'akai. During five months, we counted the number and species of carcasses under the traps as well as the strike tally from the counter on the traps. We determined the probability of rodent presence by using track tunnels before and after setting up the traps. In both control areas without traps, the probability of rodent presence goes up due to seasonal changes in the rodent populations.

With the traps, we were able to prevent the seasonal spike in probability of rodent presence in Mohihi and even lower the probability in Halepa'akai.

Please click here for a more detailed presentation of the data!

The Goodnature rat trap have definitely proven to effectively control the rodent numbers in the forest. For the upcoming breeding season, we will experiment with a decreased grid spacing and targeted trapping at nests, especially for species with known rat impact, like the Puaiohi.

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The Kaua‘i Forest Bird Recovery Project aims to promote knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of Kaua‘i's native forest birds. Our efforts focus primarily on three federally endangered species: the Puaiohi, ‘Akikiki, and ‘Akeke‘e, with the goal of facilitating recovery of their populations in the wild.

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