Cali Crampton

Cali Crampton

Dr. Lisa “Cali” Crampton, Project Leader

Dr. Crampton (“Cali”) has been KFBRP’s Project Leader since April 2010.  She obtained her Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology from the University of Nevada at Reno in December 2004.

Cali has extensive experience coordinating the design, conduct, and delivery of large research and monitoring projects with teams of diverse stakeholders.   For her doctoral research, she examined the landscape ecology and conservation of Phainopeplas, threatened passerines in southern Nevada, for the regional Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).  As part of her post-doctoral work, she led a team of other scientists, NGOs, and government managers in designing the HCP’s adaptive management plan for conserving and restoring threatened desert woodlands on which Phainopeplas and other sensitive species in Nevada depend.  In addition to her familiarity with avian field research techniques, Cali is experienced in the use of multivariate statistical and spatial analysis tools to evaluate the effects of environmental variables on animal distribution, abundance, and fecundity. For example, while working at the USGS Kilauea Field Station on Hawai’i Island, she analyzed field data on the population and behavioral ecology of the endangered Laysan teal to improve monitoring and management strategies implemented by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Subsequently, for the US Forest Service, she analyzed impacts of recreation on abundance of Sierra Nevada forest birds, small mammals and carnivores.

All of Cali’s projects have involved substantial interaction and communication with scientific and non-scientific groups, including interpretative programs for the general public.   Consequently, her record includes numerous journal publications, technical reports, and conference presentations as well as popular articles and TV shows.

Sam Bosio, GIS and Database Management Assistant

A lifelong fascination with ecology and humanity’s relationship with nature led Sam to join the KFBRP in 2024. In rural Montana, he grew up doing a variety of outdoor activities from mountaineering to birdwatching. To pursue these interests, he studied environmental science at Notre Dame and obtained a master’s in Biodiversity and Conservation at Trinity College Dublin. Sam has worked on stream restoration, amphibian ecology, and rangeland management projects. His Master’s project was a social-ecological analysis of native woodland restoration efforts in Ireland. This involved collection of bird, forestry, and vegetation data, and analysis of these factors along with the results of social surveys on landowner perspectives and values. Sam is excited to support the KFBRP through data analysis and processing, as well as field work when possible. Outside of work you can usually find him on a soccer field, and he also enjoys martial arts, cooking, gardening, and drawing.

Julia Diegmann

Dr. Julia Diegmann- Planner

Dr. Julia Diegmann has been working with KFBRP since 2011 and founded Diegmann Science Services in Spring of 2013. She obtained her Ph.D. in Genetics from the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany.
Her expertise includes project conceptualization and design, grant writing, data validation and visualization, and study design. More recently, she has been focussing on outreach, communication and community engagement. She is passionate about Kaua’i’s native forest birds and building a community of support around forest conservation.
Jenny Allen

Jenny Allen

Jenny Allen – Fiscal and Program Associate

Jenny has been rescuing animals in need since kindergarten and has always had a special love for birds.  Australian by birth and a veterinary graduate from the University of Sydney, Jenny came to the US for a Residency in Equine Medicine at Washington State University, but quickly became engaged in the conservation science community after the 1989 Exxon-Valdez disaster—when oil-spill remediation work drew her to Alaska for more than a decade as a technical program manager—before ultimately returning to her warmer roots and making Kauaʻi home in 2010.  Along with horses and birds, Jenny’s other lifelong passion is native plants, and on Kauaʻi she has worked for the National Tropical Botanical Garden at Limahuli, Princeville Botanical Garden, and the Kauaʻi Invasive Species Committee (KISC).  

Jenny joined KFBRP in May of 2020 to provide fiscal and program support.  Being a long-time KFBRP fan and in awe of the work that the team does, she is thrilled to be on board.  She also volunteers for the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge doing weekly botulism surveys for endangered waterbirds, and for the University of Hawaiʻi Bishop Museum Plants of Hawaiʻi project, helping database and catalog Hawaiʻi’s plant collections.  In her spare time she enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and learning about birds.

Monika Mira

Monika Mira – Website Coordinator / Outreach Assistant

Monika has been a resident of Kauaʻi for nearly 30 years. She came to KFBRP several years ago to help with the layout and publishing of Who Am I? A Kauai Forest Bird Guessing Game. She has since adapted to updating and maintaining our blog and website, designing education and outreach materials, and increasing our presence on social media. Monika’s role continues to diversify as KFBRP’s needs change.

Monika is the author of many books including, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring book. She has developed a large body of environmental educational materials for children and hopes to continue using these skills to expand KFBRP’s education and outreach program.

Monika has a degree in Marine Science from the University of Hawaii Hilo. She is passionate about plastic-free living, reducing ocean plastic, and reversing climate change. She spends her free time volunteering for local non-profits that fulfill these missions.


Avian Research Coordinator: Nicole Suckow

Nicole has been passionate about wildlife conservation from a young age, but began focusing more on birds during her undergrad at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After a few years working various seasonal field positions, including studying the locally endangered Såli on Guam, she returned to UIUC for her MS in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. Her project compared grassland bird habitat use and behavior during migration and the breeding season throughout Illinois.

Nicole joined KFBRP in June 2024 and is eager to play a role in the conservation of the forest birds on Kaua’i. She is equally excited to meet all of the other people who care so deeply about, and work towards protecting these birds.

Tyler Winter

Tyler Winter

Tyler Winter,

Field Crew Leader

Tyler has spent most of his life outdoors observing wildlife and natural interactions. He further pursued this passion at the Evergreen State College where he received a dual degree in Wildlife Biology and Chemistry. His passion for birds was ignited during his independent study of wintering birds and migration in Mexico’s Sonoran Desert. Since graduating, he has studied fall migration patterns for five years, working in California and Idaho with Palomarin Bird Observatory and Intermountain Bird Observatory. 

As a Crew Lead and Camp Manager for Intermountain Bird Observatory he was able to share his love of the outdoors with school groups and coordinate overnight trips for Scouts, families, and other small organizations. He also instructed interns on proper bird handling techniques while monitoring the safety of ongoing research projects.

His interest in island biogeography and endangered species lead him to KFBRP where he currently works as a Field Associate. He can be found either working remotely in the Alaka’i or helping with IT in the office.

Tyler is certified by the North American Banding Council as both a raptor and passerine bander.

Bow Tyler

Bow Tyler

Bow Tyler, Field and Data Technician

A mild obsession with birds landed  Bow with KFBRP in March 2020. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he developed a love for the natural world while out hiking in the Olympic and Cascade mountains. Since then he has vowed to pursue a living in the field of conservation. 

Bow went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on ecology and ornithology. He has worked for avian conservation projects in the West, Midwest, Mexico and Malaysian Borneo. Now he is thrilled to be working as part of the field team here on Kauai. 

Riley Temkin, Field Associate

Riley Temkin

Riley joined KFBRP in October 2022 as a KUPU Avian Conservation Field Assistant. He developed his interest in avian ecology and conservation during his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Davis, where he worked as a Research Assistant aiding in projects studying seabird chick-rearing behavior and raptor ecology in agricultural settings. After graduating, he worked restoring coastal sagebrush habitat in his hometown of Los Angeles before his desire to once again work with birds led him to seabird research positions in Southern Alaska and the Farallon Islands off the coast of California. Riley is excited to be a part of KFBRP and gain experience using applied methods to conserve endangered birds.


Vacant: Kauaʻi Mosquito Research Coordinator

Allison Cabrera

Allison Cabrera- Field Supervisor

A steward for environmental justice from a young age, Allie has committed herself to making a positive impact on her surroundings. With a Masters of Arts in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University, she has spent over 10 years teaching children about the wonders of the natural world. Her love of birds blossomed in the unlikely setting of the East Village in Manhattan. Here she observed Red-Tailed Hawk populations and their influence on the local community, which ultimately became the focus of her thesis. Allie has been with KFBRP since 2020, working mostly on the ongoing mosquito study. When not in the field she loves to snorkel, camp on the beach and craft.

Corrina Carnes –  Field Crew Leader

Corrina Carnes

Originally from Eastern Washington State, Corrina grew up on the edge of a wildlife refuge, where from a young age she felt most at home romping around in the woods.  A long-time resident of Oʻahu, she graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in 2013 and spent the first few years of her career working with endangered Hawaiian waterbirds, pueo (the Hawaiian short-eared owl), and on various invasive species control projects.  More recently, she has been assisting with mosquito research on the Big Island and Maui, and is excited to be continuing this work with KFBRP.  Corrina’s hobbies include wildlife photography, backpacking, trail running, and re-living her childhood adventures with her three nieces. 

Carolyn Doyle – Field Associate

Carolyn grew up in New Jersey and graduated from CornellUniversity with a degree in Biology. Her interest in birds began aftertaking an avian care internship at a wild bird rehabilitation center.Since then she has completed field seasons monitoring several birdspecies, including piping plovers, California condors, and northernspotted owls. She spent last fall working for Save Our Shearwaterson Kaua‘i.

Kai Hollenberg – Field Associate

Katie Temple – Graduate Student

Katie Temple

Katie Temple

Katie is currently a master’s student at Auburn University and is advised by Dr. Jean Fantle-Lepczyk and Dr. Chris Lepczyk. Her research focuses on the effectiveness of current conservation methods for Puaiohi. For her undergraduate degree, Katie attended Evergreen State College where she found her love of wildlife, research, and the outdoors. In between degrees, Katie worked various field jobs across North America for several years including working for KFBRP in 2017 and 2018. When working with them several years ago, Katie fell in love with Puaiohi and feels extremely lucky to be able to study them for her thesis.