KFBRP Offers Tokens of Appreciation for your Donation

We offer T-shirts, mugs, patches, books, greeting cards and other tokens of appreciation for our donors. Stop by our office in Hanapepe, or contact us for more information on how to support KFBRP, and obtain your tokens of appreciation. You can also find our merchandise at the Alakoko Store in Lihu’e or order online!

Steel 16 oz travel mugs

($20 suggested donation)

Bearing either the KFBRP logo on the front, and a black and white motif of the three endangered species on the back by graphic artist Rebecca Williams.

Who Am I, A Kaua'i Forest Bird Guessing Game

“Who am I? A Kaua’i Forest Bird Guessing Game”

($12 suggested donation)

or you can buy it online HERE!

Written by Kaila Ritchie and illustrated by Kayleigh Chalkowski for our children, this book contains fun educational information about Kaua’i’s beautiful forest birds.

He Mo’olelo Pokole: A short story about the boy Lae’ula and the rare birds at Alaka’i, Koke’e, Kaua’i”

($12 suggested donation)

or you can buy it online HERE!

Written by Keahi Manea and illustrated by Kayleigh Chalkowski, this book is about the boy Lae’ula who becomes fascinated with the beautiful birds in the high-altitude forests of Kaua’i. He sets out on a journey to see them, but instead comes across some surprising forest denizens along the way. Will Lae’ula ever get a chance to see these rare birds? Book is written in Hawaiian with an English translation inside.

KFBRP Magnets Kaua’i Forest Bird Magnets

Suggested donation is: 

$5 for one magnet of your choice, 

$12 for three magnets of your choice, 

$15 for 5 magnets of your choice.

$25 for the whole set

These beautiful square magnets will look great on your fridge and remind you of Kaua’is beautiful forest birds every day.

We have all 8 forest birds species available as magnets, including the endangered species Puaiohi, Akikiki and Akeke’e as well as the I’iwi, one of the most iconic birds of the Hawaiian Island and our logo!

KFBRP NotecardsBird Notecards

Suggested donation is: 

$5 for one notecard of your choice, 

$12 for three notecards of your choice, 

$15 for five notecards of your choice.

$25 for the whole set

Blank inside featuring one photo of all 8 forest birds species of Kaua’i and a ninth card with artwork by Eleanor Grosch showcasing all three species together. By one card with your favorite bird or by all! Envelopes and a description of the cards are included.

Official KFBRP T-shirts

Visit our Bonfire Store to see and purchase all available t-shirt designs colors and sizes! All procees from these sales go direclty to our project and you can even make addtional donations!