Volunteers are always welcome at KFBRP

There are many ways for you to get directly involved and hands-on with helping to save the forest birds of Kauai. We have opportunities for everyone from home crafters to experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

If interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us with a brief description of your experience, how you would like to get involved, and your availability. Please also join our Mailing List. This is your opportunity to get hands-on with KFBRP!

Mist-netting and banding at our field sites located at the interior region of the Alakai Plateau

  • Requires at least 2-5 day camping trip (ideally at least 3 days), although do we make day trips to Kawaikoi on occasion
  • Requires above average physical fitness
  • Hike to site is approximately 4 miles on a minimally maintained trail
  • Will hike up and down steep ridges and ravines while carrying 20-30lb pack
  • This work will help us monitor bird population trends and to collect samples (blood, fecal, feather) to perform genetic testing to better understand such things as population structure, diet composition, and extent of disease resistance. It will also help us to identify individual birds with color bands, which supports our efforts for the Akikiki and Akekee captive breeding program
  • Please contact Maria Costantini at maria@kauaiforestbirds.org if interested!

Office and other non-field work

  • Data entry/proofing
  • Photo sorting
  • Mistnet and raingear mending
  • Creation and development of outreach materials (e.g. games, posters, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Light carpentry work (e.g. putting up shelves, painting)
  • Accounting
  • IT services
  • Staffing KFBRP table at outreach events