Did you spot a rare or endangered Kaua’i forest bird? Please let us know more details in the box below. Include information like location, date, distance between bird and observer, amount of time viewing the bird, whether using binoculars or not, description  of plumage, vocalization and behavior in the message field. These details are necessary for our staff to determine whether the sightings are relevant and significant. Photos taken along with these details are especially helpful. Photos can be emailed to info@kauaiforestbirds.org.

Before submitting your sighting, please take a few moments to scroll through some of the above photos of commonly confused non-native birds. The White-Eye for example is abundant and often confused with ‘anianiau, ‘amakihi and ‘akeke’e. The White-rumped Shama and Melodious Laughingthrush are commonly confused for ‘elepaio and puaiohi.

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Puaiohi-Photo Lucas Behnke

Kauai ‘Amakihi

Kaua'i 'Amakihi- Photo by Mike Teruya


'Akikiki- Photo by Patrick Blake

Kauai ‘Elepaio

'Elepaio-Photo by Patrick Blake




'Apapane- Photo by Lucas Benke


'Anianiau-Photo by Jim Denny


'I'iwi-Photo by CR Kohley