Club 300 for bird protection partially funds mosquito control project on Kaua’i

Hawai’i is the endangered species capital of the world, yet conservation here is woefully under-funded. Over 63% of forest bird species have become extinct (71 different species) across the islands. On Kaua’i, five of 13 forest birds have disappeared in the last 40 years. Three of the remaining eight species are listed as Endangered (Akikiki – 468; birds; Puaiohi – 494 birds; Akekee – 945 birds;). A fourth is listed as Threatened (Iiwi, 2500 birds on Kaua’i).

The project aims to address mosquito-borne diseases and reduce mosquito breeding habitat caused by weeds. Climate change models show forest bird species are in increased danger due to the movement of disease-carrying mosquitoes into high- elevation refugia. The impacts of this work cannot be overstated, as it will help avert the imminent extinction of at least two species.

Mahalo to the Club 300 of bird protection for providing funds to carry out this important work on Kaua’i.