We are excited to announce the release of “The Forest Birds of Kauaʻi: A Declining Population”, in association with Coriolis Films and the American Bird Conservancy. The film was directed by Ian A. Nelson and produced by Chris Farmer, Aditi Desai, and Johanna van de Woestijne with associate producer, Mike McFarlin.

This four-minute video offers a clear and concise introduction to Kauaʻi’s rare and beautiful forest birds and a glimpse of their current predicament, recognizing that we cannot begin to help these species until we understand the basis of their existence and the extent of their demise. 

Dr. Lisa “Cali” Crampton of the Kauaʻi Forest Bird Recovery Project (KFBRP) introduces and describes the eight species of forest birds found on Kauaʻi, six of which are found nowhere else in the island chain — or the world for that matter. Their unique adaptations are a function of the isolation of the Hawaiian islands as they filled niches in a tropical forest that once spread from the mountains to the sea. 

When human colonists arrived, they cut back the forest for supplies and the birds retreated. These new settlers brought unknown species that competed with or preyed on the birds and the birds’ numbers began a slow decline to now dangerous levels. Today, the birds do not have the luxury of time to adapt to these changes and must rely on us to control these threats to prevent their extinction. The primary threat, mosquito-born disease, will be the subject of another short film, which will be released in the near future. Stay posted!

KFBRP relies on a variety of partnerships, including those associated with the production of this video, as each agency brings different skills and resources to the table to participate in a collaborative effort of conservation and preservation.

This film would work well as a classroom introduction to Kauaʻi’s forest birds and their plight. Please share it with your networks in education and science.