American Birding Association Dedicates Entire Podcast to Hawaiian Birds

In a recent ABA podcast, Nate Swink covered an inspiring story of the discovery of a long thought dead Kiwikiu alive and well in a reforested area of the Nakula Natural Area Reserve on Maui. The story shows just how resilient nature can be and offers hope for a species facing potential extinction. You can read more about this remarkable story in the Maui News.

This uplifting story is followed by an interview of KFBRP’s leader, Lisa “Cali” Crampton, who discusses everything from how she came to KFBRP, to populations trends in Kauai’s forest birds, to the threats that the birds face, possible solutions to those threats, and the important role that forest birds play in the overall health of the forest. You can listen to the podcast on the American Birding Association Website.