KFBRP Leader, Dr. Lisa “Cali” Crampton, was recently featured on BBC Earth Witness: Voices from the Conservation Front Line. In the interview (see video above), Cali explains why she (and the rest of the KFBRP staff) is so passionate about saving Kauaʻi’s forest birds and how KFBRP is tackling this challenge.

The plight of the Kauaʻi’s forest birds has caught the attention of a number different organizations and as a result, KFBRP was recently featured on the “Threatened” podcast on Birdnote where we continue to talk about bird conservation in Hawaiʻi.

The American Bird Conservancy has a wonderful article about the ʻakikiki extinction crisis on their resource page and another article about Kauaʻi’s forest birds in the Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly Magazine.