Thanks to a group of talented artists and designers that often donate their work, there are now a number of different forest bird t-shirt designs available to suit your style and your budget, all while supporting KFBRP. By purchasing t-shirts from our partners and our fundraising campaigns, a portion of the proceeds will come back to KFBRP to support our efforts. Not only that, but you get to sport your favorite bird design, and spread the word about our work.

Sometimes these shirts are available for a limited time or are only available in limited numbers.

Our current BONFIRE campaign features our latest design “SAVE A BIRD, SWAT A SKEETER“. This campaign will run for seven days, and end on Tuesday December 4th. KFBRP t-shirts make great gifts, after all ʻtis the season for giving and for giving back.  If you want to order shirts for Christmas, make sure to order before the campaign ends. “SAVE A BIRD, SWAT A SKEETER” t-shirts are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.


Our KFBRP LOGO shirts are also available during this limited time offer. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes in a myriad of colors to suit your style. Just head over to our bonfire campaign, and order a shirt today.

Bonfire is our trusted t-shirt partner. They help us sell our shirts online, fundraise for a good cause, and simply allow our supporters to order our custom brand.


We have also brought back our most popular t-shirts from prior campaigns including: BIRDS NOT RATS and JOIN THE SWAT TEAM.

These shirts can be found in our BONFIRE store. These designs are now available on an ongoing basis, but they will not be shipped in time for Christmas. Our BONFIRE store is now to set up to serve you anytime. Check it out frequently as we will be adding new designs and styles. As always, all profits from t-shirt sales come back to KFBRP to support out work.