Join us for a screening of “The Forest Birds of Kaua’i: Mosquito Transmitted Diseases.”
Hawai’i is known as the bird extinction capital of the world, and another wave of extinctions is poised to crash on the islands. Two of Kaua’i’s native bird species are on the brink of being lost, with several others tragically not far behind. These birds face many threats, and one of the largest is invasive mosquitoes that transmit deadly diseases, such as avian malaria.
In the five-minute video, you’ll meet some of the rare birds of Kaua’i’s rarely visited, high elevation native forests, and learn how a collaboration of state, federal, and non-governmental partners is working to address the mosquito issue on the island and across the state.
Following the video, our experts will discuss the future of Kaua’i’s forest birds, their experiences from the field, the environmental and cultural importance of these birds, and more.
– Dr. Lisa “Cali” Crampton, Project Leader, Kaua‘i Forest Bird Recovery Project
– Dr. Chris Farmer, Hawai‘i Program Director, American Bird Conservancy
– Dr. Jace Kaholokula Saplan, Assistant Professor of Music, University of Hawai‘i
– Ian Nelson, filmmaker
WHAT: “The Forest Birds of Kaua‘i: Mosquito Born Diseases” Video Premiere and Q&A
WHEN: Thursday, August 12th at 12:00 PM HST | 6:00 PM EDT
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