How You Can Help Kauaʻi’s Forest Birds by Shopping on Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Do you plan on ordering anything from Amazon this Holiday Season? If you answered yes to this question, and I am pretty sure you did, then you can help Kauaiʻs Forest Birds by just changing one little habit before you place your order.

Just remember to use this link to go to Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase will will be returned to KFBRP for valuable research and conservation. WOW! How easy is that? Shop on Amazon to buy Christmas gifts, and Kauaʻi’s forest birds benefit. Pretty easy right? Just make sure to bookmark the link.

What are you waiting for?


Did you know that you can also buy our books on Amazon? Not only are the proceeds returned to KFBRP, but your kids, your friendsʻ kids, and your kidsʻ teachers can get a great book that teaches them about Kauaʻi’s forest Birds.

KFBRP has two childrenʻs books available for purchase:

Who Am I, A Kaua'i Forest Bird Guessing Game

Who Am I? A Kauaʻi Forest Bird Guessing Game

This book introduces Kauaʻiʻs forest birds with a fun rhyming poem and then invites children to guess which bird is described.






He Moʻolelo Pokole

This book is a short story about the plight of Kauaʻiʻs forest birds written in both English and Hawaiian.

Of course, if you really want to make a difference for these birds, just click on the donate button to the right.