'Akikiki-Photo by Lucas Behnke

‘Akikiki-Photo by Lucas Behnke

Extinction is one of those things that happens very slowly at first, and then all of a sudden a species is gone forever.

As a scientist, this is one of those things that you don’t ever want to witness in your lifetime. The KFBRP team is literally racing extinction on a rescue mission to save the last ʻakikiki family.

“All of the ‘akikiki except for this one family have disappeared,” says Justin Hite who is scouring the forest in search of the last breeding pair.

KFBRP has received a lot of support in their efforts. Recently, they have been featured in a growing handful of articles that have appeared in the media. If you want learn more about KFBRPʻs rescue mission, check out one of these articles or newscasts: