We are super excited to announce the first performance of the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds on Kaua‘i in February 2020!

The Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds is a place-based interdisciplinary program that brings together science, music, art, dance, and education to tell the story of our endangered Hawaiian birds. Featuring original compositions, animations, hula, artwork, and lesson plans for teachers and students, the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds has already been performed for over 10,000 people on O‘ahu.

This is the first time this concert will be performed on a neighbor island and we are bringing 50 UH Wind Ensemble members over to Kaua‘i! The performances are free to the public and we have received grant money to help pay for school buses for the Monday shows. We will have informational booth in the lobby and do some fundraising with art pieces donated by various local artists. Stay tuned for more! We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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