With the kids home from school due to Covid-19, the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Program wanted to remind you that we have a whole section of our website dedicated to educating children (and adults) about Kauai’s forest birds.

If you head over to our TOOLS FOR TEACHERS page you will find a complete curriculum, lesson plans, fun activities, and games that help students learn more about Kauai’s forest birds. You do not have to attend the symphony to benefit from these lessons and activities.  Even the standards and benchmarks are included. Best of all they are FREE! And you don’t have to be a teacher to access it.

Through a partnership with University of Hawaii, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, and the Bishop Museum, the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds curriculum aims to educate elementary and secondary students through science, music, and art. The curriculum includes more than a dozen lessons with supplementary materials and activities that teach students about Hawaii’s native bird species and the importance of conservation efforts.

Additionally, we have books available on Amazon, videos on YouTube, and printables available for download. We also have a list of other curriculum and lessons from our partner agencies. High School and college students may consider reading our research based publications where they may learn about advanced topics in conservation. Families can play our FUN JEOP”BIRDY” game.

May we also remind you that our website is a wealth of information about Kauai’s natural history. Just by browsing through our site, you can learn about all of Kauai’s forest birds by visiting our MEET THE BIRDS pages, you can learn about THREATS TO BIRDS (and other native wildlife), get the latest research on MOSQUITOS on our VIDEO PAGE, or  learn about the work that we do here at KFBRP by checking out “WHAT WE DO“. It’s all free and fun! Enjoy!

Jeopardy Game