The Symphony of Hawaiian Birds live concert from March 1, 2020 is now viewable on YouTube. Take a moment to enjoy this unique collaboration of music, art, science and nature.

Through a partnership with University of Hawaii, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, and the Bishop Museum, Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds aims to educate elementary and secondary students through science, music, and art to teach about Hawaii’s native bird species and the importance of conservation efforts. The Symphony of Hawaiian Birds offers a full curriculum to accompany the concert itself. This curriculum is available through their website. Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Program also has an accompanying curriculum that focuses on issues specifically related to Kauaʻi’s birds. The curriculum includes reading, games, science, and other projects that can be used in a classroom or at home. This curriculum can be accessed for free on our website.

More information about the performance: Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds, 1st movement “No Ka Huliau (Changes)” University of Hawai’i Wind Ensemble, Jeffrey Boeckman, conductor Music: Jon Magnussen Animation: Elyse Chai and Laura Margulies Audio from March 1, 2020 live concert performance “Growing up on Kauaʻi in the 70ʻs and 80ʻs, my family and I often went camping in Kōkeʻe with our church group. It would become one of my favorite places in the world, with the amazing forests of koa, kauila and other native woods, the scent of maile and (the rarer) mokihana, and the sound of the native honeycreepers: apapane, iʻiwi, and others. Now, 40 years later, I have a difficult time hearing those honeycreepers. This movement is about that and other changes in our native bird habitats. Can you recognize the melody of the childhood song, Ke Ao Nani? (I luna lā, i luna, nā manu o ka lewa…)”

Another video from the Symphony of Hawaiian Birds