Take a journey with scientist Jim Jacobi, as he encounters the last ʻōʻō before extinction.

This video, created by the Guardian, can be viewed as a full 360° virtual reality experience using arrows at the top corner of the screen, or one of the options listed below.

The eight-minute film is a fun resource for teachers who are interested in introducing students to Kauaʻi’s songbirds and the concept of extinction.

To make sure you can view the virtual reality experience as intended follow the instructions listed below or on the Guardian website.

  • This video is available as a 360° interactive virtual reality experience for Daydream and HTC Vive, as a stereoscopic 360° film for Google Cardboard and as a 360° monoscopic film for YouTube.
  • To view this 360° film on a mobile device, download the YouTube app for the full 360° experience. If you’re viewing this film on desktop make sure to use the latest version of your web browser (arrows at the top corner of the screen will allow you to navigate through the 360° video).
  • To view on the Daydream platform, download the free Guardian VR app for Daydream and watch with a Daydream View headset and Daydream-ready phone.
  • To view on Cardboard, download the free Guardian VR app for iOS or Android to your smartphone and watch with a Google Cardboard headset.
  • For more information on the Guardian VR, please go to www.theguardian.com/vr