In the field ridge-LizLooking for a good excuse to go hiking and camping in a remote area of the forest? How about helping out the KFBRP team?

KFBRP can accommodate volunteers on several trips this fall!
From Sept 11-19 (exact dates flexible), we need one volunteer to help us with our decomposition study at Halepaʻakai and Mohihi.
From Oct 3-10 and Oct 15-21, we need volunteers to help us with bird banding at the same two sites.
In all cases, volunteers must be physically fit and able to hike rugged terrain and navigate off trail. They also must be able to endure inclement weather and camp in primitive conditions. Volunteers must to commit to at least 3 nights of camping. (Long) Weekend and Weekday trips both possible.
If you are interested in participating, please contact us as soon as possible.
Banded Puaiohi- photo by Barbara Heindl