Birdwatch Canada Chronicles 10-Day Hawaii Tour by Bird Studies Canada Members

A recent article in Birdwatch Canada chronicles a 10-day tour taken last spring by Bird Studies Canada members to observe the spectacular birds of Hawaii and learn about the causes of their decline. A proportion of the proceeds from the trip were donated to KFBRP to support our conservation and research work. Mahalo!

Puaiohi chicks in flower pot nest box Kawaikoi Eric VanderWerf 9 June 2011 small-

Designing Safe Nest Boxes for Puaiohi

KFBRP’s crew leader Barbara Heindl was interviewed by Coco Zickos about our expanded Puaiohi nest box project in Midweek Kaua‘i.

Puaiohi Nest box-photo by Mark Wiley

San Diego Zoo Notes from the Field

The San Diego Zoo’s Notes From the Field for March 2012 is all about the 14th Puaiohi release.  Be sure to read the mele lyrics, written specifically for the release!

American Birding Association Features Alex Wang’s Article in Winging It

Alex Wang, from KFBRP, and Oscar Johnson, from KESRP, wrote an article about Kaua’i’s birds for Winging It, the official newsletter of the American Birding Association.

Koke'e Habitat

Disney Funds Koke’e Forest Bird Research!

Our latest grant to examine the effects of weed removal on forest birds comes from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund! Read more about the project in an article in Midweek Kauai.

Puaiohi chicks-Photo Eric VanderWerf

Endangered Hawaii Song Bird Hatched in Artificial Nest Box

Article by Damon Tucker: in Hawaii News and Information, highlight the fledging of Puaiohi chicks from an artificial nest box.

New York Times Article Features Bird Watching Tips from Lucas Behnke

The New York Times Travel section carried an article about rare birds on Kaua‘i, with tips on where to find them on the island provided by staff member Lucas Behnke.