Akekeʻe-Photo by Lucas Behnke

Should We Consider Translocating Kaua‘i Forest Birds?

For Kauai Online explores whether we should consider translocating Kauaʻi forest birds in this article by Ruby Pap.

The full report entitled, Assessing the potential of translocating vulnerable forest birds by searching for novel and enduring climatic ranges by Lucas B. Fortini, Lauren R. Kaiser, Adam E. Vorsino, Eben H. Paxton, and James D. Jacobi, can be viewed here.

'Akikiki- Photo by Patrick Blake

Ruby Pap Explains Why Climate Change May Become a Serious Threat to Kaua‘i’s Birds

In this article, Ruby Pap explains why climate change may become a serious threat to Kauaʻiʻs forest birds.

ʻIʻIwi- Photo by C.R. Kohley

‘I‘iwi Receives Protection Under Endangered Species Act

The ʻIʻiwi will now be protected as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, according to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service news release. For Kauaʻi Magazine covers the story in this article.

'Akikiki- Photo by Patrick Blake

Audubon Society Works to Get Asteroid Named after ‘Akikiki

Audubon shared a very unique story about a teacher from India who worked to get an asteroid named after our very own Akikiki.

Puaiohi-Photo by Pauline Roberts

Closing of the Puaiohi Captive Breeding Program

The closing of the Puaiohi captive breeding program, and their release into the wild was covered by The Garden Island , KITV, and a video was released by San Diego Zoo Global on their website.

'Elepaio-Photo by Patrick Blake

Birds of Paradise Featured in Sunset Magazine

Our work, as well as Kaua’i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project’s work, are features of a story in Sunset Magazine titled “Birds of Paradise”

Kauai 'Amakiki- Photo by Lucas Behnke

Huffington Post Discusses Grim Future for Hawaii’s Forest Birds

An article by The Huffington Post discusses the grim future for Hawaii’s birds, if strong action is not taken. It is predicted that by 2100, all 3 of our endangered birds will lose 100% of their habitat.

'Akikiki-Photo by Lucas Behnke

‘Akeke’e & ‘Akikiki Eggs Hatched

We made the front page of the Garden Island newspaper when the ‘Akikiki and ‘Akeke’e eggs we collected hatched! We were also featured on KHON 2 news, the San Diego Zoo blog, and Voice of America news.